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"Lynn Marries Dream Girl !"
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At Paris Casino, Las Vegas, NV
(November 2005)

Great occasions Chapel, Carmichael, CA
(November 2006)
Cathy & Lynn Leidolph
Latest News
Over the past year there have quite a few "ups and downs", fortunately more "ups".
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About the Engagement
On Valentines Day 2006 we thought it would be wonderful to take a Valentine's train ride on a local excursion train. (See train info in links below.) The train ride included a trip from Woodland California to Sacramento and back. During the trip cocktails are served, then we were escorted to the dining car. Dinner was served by candlelight. After we dined we walked back the the open-air viewing car. We watched the scenery of the Sacramento river and it's rural surroundings, all illuminated with the starlight and moonlight of the cold crisp air. Later that evening we were all returned to the cocktail car which by then had been turned into a dance car. A local three-piece band was playing. We did our best to dance on a moving train. Now that's just a totally new experience.

Being the incurable romantic that I am, weeks before I had planned to take the friendship ring that I had given Cathy to the jeweler's for a cleaning. I decided that I would tell Cathy that the jeweler could not get the ring back to me until after Valentine's day. Well I guess you figured by now that was a bit of a fib.

After we finished dinner I excused myself to have time to take the ring from it's box and place it in my breast pocket. I returned to the table and continued the previous conversation. At just the right moment I stood and then knelt in the aisle of the dining car. Upon which I presented the ring to my love. We were now officially engaged.
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About the Wedding

On November 24th 2006 Cathy and I became husband and wife. The ceremony was held at Great Occasions (see link below). Of course the bride was beautiful, I know it sounds corny but as the doors at the end of the chapel opened and she began her walk down the aisle, she was the only person in the room. Me, well other that stunned, it was only the second time I wore a tux. The first being many moons ago for my senior prom in 1969. Cathy walked down the aisle to Billy Joel's "She's Got A Way About Her". We left the aisle as husband and wife to Starship's "Nothing's Going To Stop Us Now".

Cathy's awesome son Doug walked her dowm the aisle. In response to, "Who gives this woman?", Doug responded, "My sister and I do". Which warmed our hearts to the core.

My son James was my Best Man. Best Man is something he has always been in my life. I pray that my father was as proud of me as I am of him.

Cathy's dearest friend Nettie and her awesome kids Paige and Parker were another special part of the wedding. Nettie as Cathy's Matron of Honor, Paige as the Flower Girl, and Parker as the Ring Bearer.

Cathy's daughter Stephanie glowed in her beauty, and my daughers Rose and Amanda gave new meanig to making a father proud. These three girls have grown into magnificent woman.

The room was filled with our closest friends and family. Those that could not make it due distance, and life related situations were, of course, there in our hearts and their spirit.

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About the Reception

We partied hardy. It was smal, with about fifty guests, a buffet reception that followed at the same location. We danced to a great disk-jockey. I don't think anyone sat still.

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About the Honeymoon

We left on our honeymoon that evening. We flew into Portland and spent the first night there as our condo up the coast would not be ready until the next day. As Cathy had lived in Portland at one time she showed me the local area. One our way out of town to the condo we visited an old friend of mine for a few hours. We then spent the rest of the week enjoying the Pacific Ocean and the Oregon coast in Seaside, OR.

Cathy's Gown

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Sacramento River Train

Great Occasions Chapel & Gardens

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