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Christmas 2007

The Santa "Experience"

A Santa Story

One November several years back, while visiting my daughters' apartment and talking with my daughter Rose. A little girl walking with her dad, was staring at me. We realized that it was my beard which I had let grow for several months, and she quite possibly mistook me for Ol' St. Nick. Seizing the opportunity I said to her, "I've been watching and I see that you have been a good little girl, and I will remember that".

At that point Rose lightly punched me on the shoulder saying "Dad!, That's mean". But the little girl and her dad smiled, and the dad also winked, an idea was born.

Earlier this year ('07) Rose mentioned that she thought it would be nice if I grew out my beard and took the time to play Santa at the Restaurant her and her sister Amanda worked at. So in August I started the beard and things snowballed [pun intended].

While filling out paperwork for the new rental we moved into, the property manager remarked how I looked like the jolly old elf. Asking me if I'd ever played or thought of playing him. I related the story above to her and she said she'd keep it in mind. Well apparently she did.

I got a call the second week of December from the event manager for the Citrus Heights, California chapter of Lions Club International. He told me that the property manager (who also happened to be one of the administrators for the chapter) told him about me. He told me that they had an upcoming community service benefits crafts faire in a few days and their Santa had just suffered a heart attack. He asked if I would be willing to volunteer my services to the benefit. After some thought about whether I was busy that day, I called him and stated that I could do it.

I had purchased a simple Santa costume at Walgreens and figured that would be fine for this "gig". The morning of the benefit I took the costume from its bag and, long story short, it was not going to work! A short "frantic" search for a costume shop, then a call to a events supplier store ("The Wishing Well") put me in the Santa suit you see in these pictures. I must have done a good job, they asked me if they could call me next year.

Several days before Christmas I impersonated the old elf again. Cathy's section at work had "adopted" a family for Christmas. One of her coworkers had seen me one day when I dropped off something at work for Cathy. She told the others in the section, and the coordinator for the family's Christmas, asked Cathy if she would ask me if I was willing to deliver the gifts. So was born my second "gig". (Note - I have not put images of that event on this site, as I do not have permission to use those images publicly.)

Then the original event that I started all this for was the third "gig". I Santa'd for my supper at Strings Italian Cafe' where my girls work. It was a blast!

Now the outfit is hung in the closet with care, with hope I can play "Saint Nick" again next year.

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Lion's Club Benefit Lion's Club Benefit Lion's Club Benefit

Santa and The Mrs.

Getting ready to leave for Lion's Club Benefit Lion's Club Benefit Lion's Club Benefit
Christmas 2007 Lion's Craft Faire

At Strings with my kids At Strings Cafe' with the Kids At Strings with my kids
Christmas 2007 String's Italian Cafe'