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In Memorium


1994 ~ 2009

Sadly We Have Lost Our Beloved Cat Fluffer

Fluffer our Tiger Cat. We lost Fluffer to Feline AIDS in January of 2009. The vet said that it was most likely passed to him in a fight with an infected cat. We explained that he had not been in a fight for quite a long period of time. The vet said that it probably laid dormant until some other slight health problem triggered it.

He had been in the family since around December of 1994. He came to visit as a kitten of Rose's & Amanda's cat's litter one Christmas. He was the one to stay with Lynn & James after the rest of the menagarie that year left (Lynn was babysitting the critters, as the kids and their Mom went visiting to the east coast). New math aside we figure that made him 13 years old in November of 2007. He was a superior pet, one smart but aloof feline.

He had trained us well. As a side note, we suspected he was either a writer for the Garfield comic strip, or read it daily. It was totally "spooky" to find him acting out one of Garfield's strips, either before or after the strip is in the paper.

You Know I don't like my picture taken!
Okay... One Picture! What do you mean, "We got a dog"?
"Let's get this straight right now, I was here first!"


Spankie is our Yorkshire Terrier. We brought him home on July 7th, 2007. (Another interesting thing that occured on 07/07/07). This little guy has been a handful since day one. A few little scares, including a trip to the emergency vet for an episode of hypoglycemia and him leaving the premises to explore the neighborhood. He is one smart little dog and has already asked to go outdoors for potty breaks. Plus he has "wrapped" his owners around his paws. Even the Fluffer the Cat has gone from showing Spankie who the "alpha" animal is, to tolerating him, to actually a few forms of "play". While he is pure Yorkie, he's just our pet.
I was born on May 7th, 2007
Nice place ya' got here. What do you mean, "We got a cat"?
Wanna Play ? Played out !
Let me rest up for the next playtime. ZZZZZZzzzzz !
I'm this big - For Now

"I Think They're Getting Along Just Fine"
These two have really "bonded". Although if you (could) asked Fluffer, he'd deny it. But actions tend to speak louder than words, well Meows.
Shhh! Be very, very quiet, Fluffer is sleeping!
Okay... Evidence in case Fluff denies this! Soft and Cuddly times 2


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