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These are some pictures of the new place we are in the process of buying. We took these pictures when we looked at the propertiy. We may add more when we go in to measure, the furnishings you see belong to the resident that was living there at the time we first looked at it.

We started our home search on May 5th 2009. We placed 3 offers that day. The search continued. In all, over the next five months we placed about twelve offers. All were either foreclosures or short sales, which meant a bank was involved, and the banks were dragging their feet. Two others that we got into contract on were "FLIPS". All the flips were under 90 days of ownership and the lender we have (as well as most lenders will not go into contract on a property until the last owner has been on the tax records for over that 90 days.

We found this place on September 9th, 2009, It wasn't a foreclosure or short sale, but a straight deal. We figure it was better to look for a straight deal rather than a house that was "flipped". At had been remodeled in the baths and kitchen. New paint and carpets. It still needs a little work, but is "turn-key" enough that we can take our time giving it our personal touches.

The owner didn't respond to our first offer, we were in the process of pulling that offer when the owner dropped the price some, so we upped our offer closer to what she lowered it to. We finally got into contract about the 1st of October. Way Cool!!

It's got the dual pane windows that we wanted, ceiling fans, and the tall ceiling in the master bedroom that will fit our four-poster and wrought iron bed. There were a few things we comprimised on. Electric instead of gas stove. The kitchen isn't plumbed to the stove area for gas. The stove is new, but the next stove would be gas. We will look into having it plumbed. We are requesting a few things that were found on the home inspection be corrected, and don't expect a problem there.

We expect to close escrow, if everything goes as well as it has already, about the middle of November.

Please keep this adventure of ours in your prayers...

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Front of House 1 Front of House 2
Side of House 1 Side of House 2
Side of House 3 Back of House 1
Back of House 2 Back of House 3
Garage 1 Garage2
Garage 3 Garage 4
Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3 Breakfast Nook
Guest Room 1 Guest Room 2
Guest Room 3 Hall Cabinet
Guest Bath Master Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom 2 Master Bedroom 3
Master Bedroom 4 Master Bedroom 5
Master Bedroom 6 Master Walk-in
Office 1 Office 2
Living Room 1 Living Room 2
 Living Room - Front Entry Dining Room 1
Dining Room 2 Dining Room 3