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"Lynn finds (& Marries) Dream Girl !"
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At Paris Casino, Las Vegas (November 2005)
Cathy & Lynn Leidolph
Bios - Etc
Nicknames: ~
Cathy "Cat"
Lynn "Rhino"
Personal Website: Cat and Rhino's Website
Children: ~
Cathy 2 Stephanie (18), Douglas (26)
Lynn 3 Amanda (24), Rose (26), James (28)

Cathy Leidolph / Quick Biography

Cathy Bryant was her name when we met. Cathy is a native Californian, she was born (1954) and raised here in Sacramento. She moved to Portland, OR for a short time in her late teens, early twenties. She moved back to the Sacramento area shortly after her son Douglas was born in 1981. Cathy also has a daughter, Stephanie, born in 1989. Since returning to California, she has lived within 80 miles of Sacramento. Her place of residence when I met her was the small foothills town of Georgetown, CA. Cathy occupations include, Medical office assistant, Class "A" Truck driver, Daycare owner/operator, School bus driver, Personal trainer, and since proudly graduating from college, Medical Assistant. .

Lynn Leidolph /Quick Biography

Well if family is a large part of who will read this, most of you know me pretty well. But for those of you that are family and don't know me well, those that aren't family or those of you that are "new" family, here goes.

I was born (1951) and raised in Buffalo, NY and lived in the greater Buffalo area (Cheektowaga, NY) until 19 y/o. At the age of 19 (in 1970) I entered the Air Force. My AF specialty was as a medical service specialist. I work my way up to a Registered EMT, and was a candidate for the AF physician's assistant school, but chose to left the service before selection. In addition over the years I have had the following occupations. Nurse's assistant, aircraft mechanic, computer instructor, computer technician, business owner, medical records clerk. I am currently an in-home caregiver for seniors, a website designer and geek-of-all-trades.

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