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June 2007 - Rose and Amanda Graduation

In June Rose and Amanda celebrated years of hard and very focus work on their education. Wanting to get their college education as economically as possible they took every "transferable" class that American River Junior College (ARC) offered in their major and minor.

As graduation time approached they met with there counselors for advice and direction on their future education plans. They were both informed that with the addition of one or two classes they could possibly graduate with multiple degrees.

I am proud to say that they did just that. Both scholars acquired two Associates of Arts degrees (AA) and two Associates of Science degrees (AS).

Both girls were pre-accepted by the University of California at Davis (UCD). A major accomplishment in itself. They have decided, in the spirit of "economy" to attend California State University Sacramento (CSUS) where the tuition is less than UCD. Here they will take all the "transferable" courses possible on there journey to UCD.

June 2007 - Cathy Graduation ceremony

In the spring of 2006 Cathy started her Medical Assistant vocational training at Western Career College here in Citrus Heights. Cathy's mom had been a RN and had worked in Rancho Cordova in an OB-Gyn office where Cathy had assisted in the office. So this was the begining of a dream come true for her.

Her classes ended in the fall of 2006. She had finished with grade that placed her in the top 10% of her class.

The School holds their graduations once a year at a local college (American River College - ARC), and as the previous ceremony was in the late spring, her ceremony was held in June of 2007.

A few months of looking and Cathy landed a position with a temporary agency called MED Temps. Her first call placed her in the OB-Gyn section of Sutter Roseville Medical center, Where she was filling a position for an employee that was "removed". The position was as a clinical assistant for the head of that unit. After a few weeks there she was told that the job she was filling would be opening up, and to go to the Center's website and apply for the position. She interviewed for the spot, and as soon as the temporary agency's contract policy would allow here to be hired permenantly she started as a Sutter employee.

She has been there almost a year at the time of this writing. She loves the position, and while it's hard work, the dream of a medical position, especially in the area of OB-Gyn has brought her full circle to the time that she worked with her mom, where the "dream-seed" was planted.

She says, "The part of this job that I love the most is helping people. Helping them at one of the most medically magical times of their lives and the life of that unborn child".

January 2008 - Cathy & Lynn 1st Grandchild due this month

Shortly after our move to the new house we were informed by Cathy's daughter Stephanie that she and her long time friend Dave had been talking about getting married. Not too long after that we were also informed that Steph was pregnant.

Now we had been wondering which one of our five children were going to be the first to grace us with grand-children. Little did we realize that it would be the youngest. Steph's step-sister Rose humorously remarked, "Well I guess that takes the pressure off of me".

Also little did we realize that in our quest to be grandparents that we might instantly have four, as Dave has three children of his own. Two boys and a girl, who we had been already treating as grand-kids.

(Note: After playing Santa this year, Dave's smart-as-a-whip daughter, Heavenly, at the candle-light Christmas eve service, began refering to me as Grandpa Santa. This service was where Dave "officially" asked Stephanie to marry him and presented her with an engagement ring.)

Cathy has insisted that because Steph was still under our health insurance (and that of her Dad, Mike) that she get her pre-natal care at Sutter. Where she is being seen by one of Cathy's doctor's collegues.

The second ultrasound confirmed that a little boy will enter this world in the last week of January 2008.




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